Nauru & the Rule of Law


Further materials relating to the resignation of Nauru Chief Justice Geoffrey Eames, and the state of the law in Nauru

Deafening Silence on rule of Law in Nauru

Tess Newton Cain

The Interpreter - Lowy Institute 21st March, 2014

Australia has an obligation to support the rule of law in Nauru      

Kevin Boreham - Lecturer in International Law, ANU   - The Conversation, 22nd January, 2014

Nauru rule of law case and the implication for the Pacific ...

Bal Kama - Outrigger: Blog of the Pacific Institute - 21st March, 2014

Australia must defend rule of law in Nauru

George Williams - Anthony Mason Professor of Law, UNSW - SMH - 28th January, 2014

Australian Bar Association concerned about rule of law on Nauru

Radio Australia - Pacific Beat-13th March, 2014

(contains audio link)

Nauru opposition says MP marriage will provide rule of law test

Radio Australia - Pacific Beat-19th March, 2014

(contains audio link & transcript)

Nauru, the rule of law, and Australia's role

Julian Burnside

Julian Burnside website - 2014

Further concerns over rule of law in Nauru after Eames resignation - interview Simon Kenny

Radio Australia - Pacific Beat 13th March 2014 (contains audio link)

Nauru: crisis for rule of law deepens | ICJ

International Commission of Jurists - News: Web Stories - 31st March 2014

Chief Justice of Nauru media release, 19th January 2014

Geoffrey Eames, C.J. Nauru (pdf file)

Nauru MPs suspended for talking to the media

International Federation of Journalists

19th May 2014 (News Web page)