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Some ideas from the Guardian’s Higher Ed supplement

Social media: more than simply a marketing tool for academic research -Amanda Alampi - 24 July 2012 -
How Twitter will revolutionise academic research and teaching.  Remember, it's a conversation not a lecture - Ernesto Priego - 12 September 2011

Social Media: A guide for researchers

A guide produced by Alan Cann of the Department of Biology at the University of Leicester, and Konstantia Dimitriou and Tristram Hooley of the International Centre for Guidance Studies, and published by the Research Information Network in Feb, 2011.

Website -

Download PDF file of Guide - Social media: A guide for researchers

Networked Researcher Blog
“Supporting & promoting the use of social media in academic research & researcher development”
A UK blog focused on social media use in research 
This piece on the blogging and research impact is interesting:
In this blog article Raul Pacheco-Vega identifies 4 primary uses of social media:
Build a network of like-minded scholars
Follow specific research themes and topics
Provide service to the scholarly community
Share your own scholarly expertise and build credibility
(From ) provides various useful pieces on the use of social media
Using Social Media for Research & Researcher Development
The London School of Economics “Impact of Social Sciences” project have produced some excellent material on the use of social media in research.
See, for example, their Twitter Guide: 
and this recent blog on developing an academic on line presence:

Their site contains other useful resources for academics & research students, too - that may help with other aspects of your work.

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The Social Media Research Foundation

A group of social media researchers working to create open tools, generate and host open data, and support open scholarship related to social media

An interesting Wall St Journal piece looking at an applied use of social media in medical research - ALS Study Shows Social Media's Value as Research Tool

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Mark Carrigan - Digital Researcher - on  “Why do you find Twitter useful as an academic?”