Social Media in Research Social media - What is it good for?

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So what can you use social media for in your own research?

  1. 1)Connecting with a specific community of people:

  2. a)Scholars with common interests,

  3. b)Professionals working in the field you are researching,

  4. c)People whose problems you are investigating,

  5. d)People working in allied fields,

  6. e)People involved in a particular political or social debate.

  1. 2)Directly seeking opinions:

  2. a)snowball sampling,

  3. b)surveys,

  4. c)qualitative discussion through blogs with responses,

  5. d)obtaining contact details for professionals, scholars etc. to be pursued through other channels.

  1. 3)Getting opinions about your thoughts.

  1. 4)Promoting and using your research.

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